Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Updates :)

This fall, Audrey will be starting gymnastics and swim lessons (to get her proficient in Olympic strokes in preparation for swim team in Spring).

JT will be doing some sort of martial arts.

Add to it a crazy grad school schedule (did you know that 12+ hours of study is the norm per week for each course? That means I will be spending 24 hours a week on classwork!) and TD and 1st grade and we are going to be in for a wild (but fun!) ride.

I've completed my first week of classes, and I will definitely be challenged by my schoolwork. However, I am VERY excited to get started. The material is so interesting and fun to me.

In other news, we got the kids' teacher assignments today.

Audrey's class seems to be very TD (gifted) oriented, which will be awesome for her.
JT's teacher is new to the school. She has a double Bachelor's in elementary ed and special ed (awesome). She has a Master's in Literacy (double awesome, that's where he really struggles!).

It should be a wonderful school year for all of us!

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