Thursday, August 2, 2012

hopeful parents 8/10

JT doesn't perform on command.

Most kids, you can ask a question and get a serious answer.

Not JT.

You ask a question, you may get a serious answer... but if he knows you're really depending on it, he will either give you gibberish or (most often) the exact opposite.

This creates big problems, obviously.

He won't answer serious questions his doctor has. That teachers have. That therapists have.

Right now, his school team goes by what they know he knows (that sounds confusing)... he was promoted to first grade based on the end of year tests not on how he performed that day, but what teachers had heard him do consistently throughout the year.

But looking down the road, how is testing going to go? The grade level tests that require performance snapshots of a single day on a specific test?

What then?

What happens when 'we know he can' isn't relevant, and 'he didn't show us' is the response instead? Will he be underestimated?

Then there's the whole 'high school diploma' thing... he can't take 'modified' tests or he can't graduate with a diploma (instead getting a 'certificate of attendance').

'But he's capable' isn't a valid argument if he can't SHOW he's capable on demand.

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