Sunday, July 22, 2012


I've posted before about JT getting promoted to 1st grade, and I've also posted about his reading issues.

He knows sight words really, really well. He memorizes like a champ. The issue lies in phonetics. He is completely unable to sound out words.

Before school got out, I bought How To Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I told his teacher I was going to work with him.

As the title clearly states, there are 100 lessons. We are on 4.

I feel really guilty.

I have excuses.

JT isn't really interested.
He's not on his ADHD medicine, so it's difficult to get him to focus.
He's spent from camp, where he's interacting with only typical peers 4 straight hours and just burned out when we get home.
I'm burned out from a class full of preschoolers who are awesome, but preschoolers (haha).

He has been asking "how you spell _________" about a billion different things. Two days ago he came up after we had turned on a Blue's Clues on the Wii via Netflix and said, "It not working. We try again later. Please fix it." Sure enough, the screen said "we are unable to load the title you requested at this time. Please try again later." I asked him if he read it. He said yes. There's no other way he would have said what he said.

I just feel really bad that I'm not pushing him harder. I want him to read, but I also want him to have a 'fun' summer like every other kid.

He's playing with a group of boys at camp - something he has never done before. He is interacting appropriately with them, and doing a great job of playing with them. He went from hanging on the teachers constantly to hanging with the kids all the time. HUGE STUFF. He's talking more, using completely appropriate sentences, interacting constantly, and making friends.

But not reading.

I'm going to try a little harder to do a few more lessons.

But he's having fun and enjoying his summer. And I want that more than I want to fight him to do work.

Come this fall I may regret this when I'm trying to do my grad school work, help Audrey with her TD stuff and try to teach him to read.

But for now, it's summer vacation. I just want him to love it.

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