Saturday, March 3, 2012

The food struggle, part 6,789

I am so tired of the eating issues that come with autism. SO. TIRED.

JT now only eats chips, crackers, and other 'crunchy' carbohydrates.

Luckily, he drinks Ovaltine, so at least we're getting vitamins in somehow.

JT's food struggles involve cutting out (and when we're lucky, re-introducing) foods that he has eaten (and enjoyed).

This list is not long to begin with. His only meats he'll eat are hot dogs and chicken (on his best days... although recently I came across a toddler pic of him eating ribs, that made me sad). He will not eat anything cold anymore, not even ice cream (he only eats that in cones, even on his best food days). He eats ZERO fruits and vegetables, aside from the french fry that occasionally he'll relent to (again, on a good day).

We had a patch where he only ate popcorn for over a month when he was in preschool.

It's just so hard to try and feed a child who wants nothing. And of course, I worry that he's not eating enough or getting what he needs. His doctor says he's healthy, and he's happy, and that should make me happy and relieve some of my anxiety (and it does a little).

But now we're heading back to supplementing with the infant vitamins again (because he won't take gummies or chewies, I have to sneak it in his chocolate milk), and it makes me sad.

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  1. I'm sorry. I can relate, but not to that extreme extent. Hayden is also a very picky eater. He will only eat chicken nuggets, and occasional hot dog, and the lunch meat in lunchables. He prefers yogurt and crackers and smoothies. It's very hard to go out to eat with him because he doesn't like anything. Because although he will eat chicken nuggets he will only eat them from certain places. He will eat pizza from one place. He is just very particular. We work with it. I am picky too. I try and be understanding and easy on him, but it can be frustrating sometimes. Good luck. I know Hayden's pickiness is very mild in comparison to what you are dealing with. But suffice it to say, I do understand. (and of course Harper still won't eat much of anything...)