Saturday, March 17, 2012

Legos, Legos, Everywhere

JT has a huge new obsession.

Lego mini figures.

Which is awesome in some ways... it finally gives us some leverage in negotiations ("JT, if you let the doctor look in your throat, you can get one Lego guy." "JT, try a bite. Get a star. Remember, 5 stars is a Lego guy.").

Not awesome in other ways.

Like when he finds the app on my phone and locates a Lego figure from a different series (we're currently in Series 6 of unmarked Lego mini figures, in case you were wondering) and decides he wants it NOW. So he can get it from the stars he's earned, but it takes time to order these things online and the mail to process and then to come...

Here's his soon-to-be friend that he is obsessed over. Meet 'Pop Star' Lego Mini figure.

And instead he's ready to go through the mailman's truck because he's convinced it's in there. And the mailman should bring it within 5 minutes of the order being placed. (It would be nice, though, right? If stuff showed up 5 minutes after you confirmed payment?!)

And now he found Ninjago.

It has come full-circle. It's all he wants to watch on tv. He scripts it constantly. While carrying Lego mini figures double-plastic-boxed (for security of Lego guys, of course). He looks for new mini figures on my phone. Legos are everywhere...

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