Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cat issues.

My poor, sweet Beezy.

Friday, we noticed her rummaging around in our clothes. I saw her squat and chased her off, which lead to the longest day of my life chasing her from one place to the next trying to stop her from peeing on anything (for what it's worth, I was mostly successful. She beat me to one blanket that was immediately washed, so I'd call it a win.).

Suddenly she stopped Friday evening. Her nose got hot and dry. She was sleeping... a lot. It continued on to Saturday, and I realized last night she hadn't peed all day. She also had refused any water from that morning on.

So at 4am, I found myself at the Pet ER - Carolina Vet. I seriously cannot say enough nice things about these people - the vet tech was so sweet and good with Beezy, and the vet was incredibly kind and even worked with my budget ($300, HOLY CRAP SICK CATS ARE EXPENSIVE!).

We spent almost 3 hours there.

We left with the diagnosis of inflamed bladder, and probable bladder infection (the urine sample was incredibly small - I got it for them after a vet tech friend recommended doing it just in case) and was filled with red blood cells and white blood cells, as well as crystals. She got a prescription antibiotic shot, several vials of pain meds and a script for Dasuquin - an anti-inflammatory she will likely be on long term, if not forever. New diet of 99% soft food with an ASH content of less than 2.7% (thankfully a friend had recommended this before we went to the vet, so we made the switch) and only IAMS hard food.

Poor kitty.

She's peeing again on her plastic bag in a brand new litterbox (where she was going Saturday, bought especially for her) - I've never been so thankful to see cat pee in my life :) She's back to being ornery and crazy, which is a HUGE relief.

Happy to have a healthy cat again. I was so scared we were going to lose a furbaby - she is 11.5 years old now. The funny part of it was the vet said she would have guessed her age at half that - she's so spunky and healthy (other than the bladder deal).

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