Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Amazing Audrey

I frequently post on here about JT, his issues, his newest milestones... but today it's all about Audrey.

Audrey is awesome. She is seriously the most kind, caring, sweet, smart kid in the history of kids.

She is also mature way beyond her years, mostly thanks to autism.

See, Audrey's life isn't easy.

We make plans, then abandon them last minute because JT can't do it (when the outcome is go-and-have-a-full-blown-public-meltdown vs just-go-home, the latter wins). She gets disappointed by this a lot.

When playing with JT, she rarely gets to choose the game. In fact, she has to beg and do whatever he wants just to get him to play along at all.

She has dealt with kids telling her her brother is 'weird'. She told them, "He is an awesome brother. He is smart, and kind, and funny. He can't help he's different." (That makes me tear up every.time.). I told her she could tell them he has autism. She said, "I don't want to. He's just a kid who's different."

Sometimes I feel guilty that her life is unfair, ruled by the almighty whim of autism at any given moment (like the rest of us), but she rarely complains beyond a few minutes. I wonder how many children would handle everything she handles with such tolerance and compassion.

She believes her brother is capable of anything. She used to say, "Mommy, JT can live with me when he grows up, I'll rock him to sleep" - all those nights we just couldn't get him settled down. Now she wants to live next door to him when they're married.

I live in awe of my Audrey. I used to joke that maybe 'Audrey' wasn't the best name choice for her - she's not the most coordinated (her face got more play time than her feet in soccer :) ). But it is a perfect fit. She handles everything in life with such amazing Audrey.

It's funny, I always thought parents knew everything. But I feel like I learn something new every day.

I am so thankful to live with such an inspiring human being - Audrey is just incredible.

So, while I may not post as much about my baby girl, she is truly my heart. She is awesome, beautiful and the best daughter/big sister in the world.

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