Sunday, February 5, 2012

MRI's and claustrophobia.

Oh geez.

Since I can't start my story with today, I'll start it with Monday.

I've been having pain in my axilla (aka my armpit... aka Bob's home 2.5 years ago). I told my doctor about it, said I wasn't sure if it was scar tissue irritating the nerve or new Bob tumors (he was resected, so there are lots of little Bob's that the hope was they would lose their blood flow and die, not regrow). Anyway, the doctor suggested an ultrasound.

Wednesday had the ultrasound.

I saw on the screen, the oval thing she was measuring.

Only I found out later, they were oval thingS. 2. They're about 1x2cm each. They are lesions (masses). Not cool.

My doctor wants an MRI. Of course I agree.

A referral snafu ties it up for 2 days, and they get me into the MRI machine at the hospital on Sunday (today).

Only it didn't get done.

I've had MRI's before. Even an MRI of my axilla!

But today I FREAKED OUT. I had the worst panic attack I have ever experienced. I was shaking so hard my arms were banging the machine. I seriously lasted only about 10 seconds in the MRI machine before they had to pull me out (or I would have been clawing my way out). Apparently I am severely claustrophobic.

They told me I needed to contact my doctor about sedation and then, once that's set up, to reschedule. I'm trying to figure out how much they would have to sedate me to get me in that machine for 30 minutes or more. It's a full chest MRI with and without contrast.

Anyway, a bunch of updates in one. I have plenty more about other life stuff, but this seems to be taking priority right now.


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  1. Ugh is right. That totally sucks. I'm so sorry Kate!