Saturday, December 31, 2011

Why Our New Dr Thinks I'm Nuts.

Also known as: Another miracle in our daily lives.

We had to go to the doctor yesterday - the kids and I are all sick.

I had to find a new doctor, and so I found an internal medicine and pediatrics place, so we're all able to see someone in the same building. It makes things way more convenient when you don't have to go all around town when you're sick, and when one of us is sick, all 3 of us usually have it.

I told the nurse JT has autism, and she said, "Just let me know if I cross one of his lines or need to do something different." WOW. She couldn't have said anything better. Seriously, I was impressed from minute one.

JT stood on the scale. He stood still while she got his height (this was not possible the last time we went, he was too freaked out by the sliding metal behind his head). We were able to get his weight on the first try. It's like he remembered that he couldn't wiggle or touch the walls (why it took so long last time). He didn't try either at all this time.

So we go back to a room, and he plays nicely while the nurse is having to enter information for all 3 of us. It's not a short process - there's so much medical history, etc that they have to enter.

The doctor comes in, and JT waits while he listens to Audrey's lungs and looks in her ears. She gets down, he says, "My turn!", jumps up on the exam table. He complies when the doctor asks him to breathe in and out. He lets him look in his ears like he's never had any issue with it.

At this point, unable to refrain, I say, "This is a miracle. You have no idea. 6 months ago none of this would have happened."

The doctor looks at me like I'm freaking crazy, and I explain he has autism and before he would have been out of control and unreachable. I think he thought I'd lost my freaking mind.

He was really nice, though, and I was really happy with the practice. Good to know we have a medical 'home' now, so when we catch more bugs we're set with a good doctor to go to.

To add to the miracle, we went to Walgreens afterwards, where there was a mixup with needing a different type of prednisone. It took my doctor 30 min to get back to the pharmacist, and again, JT was a rock star. No fits. He was very wiggly and spinny, but happy and he was very well-behaved.

I should mention our adventure started at the dr at 1:45pm, and we left Walgreens at 4pm. That's a long outing for the boring stuff we had to do for kiddos.

As for now, hoping the antibiotics and prednisone kick this plague out of the three of us!

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  1. Yay for good appointments. I bet it was surreal to experience such a smooth, easy outing. Yay!