Friday, December 23, 2011

Papa's visit

My dad came to visit!!! He got here Tuesday, and sadly had to leave this morning. We wish he could have stayed longer!

While he was here, he got to spend a lot of time with the kiddos, and got to see them open up the Christmas presents that he and Ginny got for them.

The last time we saw him was August of 2010, so it's been way too long. He hasn't seen JT since he made his huge jump in progress. Last time he tried to keep JT, and the 30 minutes he had him were not good (JT screamed the entire time). This time he kept the kids several times for a few hours (I had to Christmas shop, work, etc) and they were both angels for him. Definitely made me happy to see that kind of progress! Not to mention the talking, conversing and interaction that he's capable of now that he wasn't before... Just a different kiddo!

I loaded him up with plenty of coffee before he went home (a pound a week is too much coffee for one person to drink!), so he might not sleep the next 6 months...

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