Monday, December 19, 2011

First babysitting adventure

Went WELL!!!!

The Hubs and I both had to work last Sunday, which meant the kids didn't have one of us to watch them. That's never happened!

When we moved to Charlotte, The Hubs told me he had an aunt here that was so sweet and awesome, and I had to meet her. He met up with her while he was here alone, and told me that his cousin (her daughter) was so sweet and babysat, and thought she would be awesome with our kids.

So, our kids stayed with The Hubs's (I guess OUR) aunt Cindy, uncle Jerry and (Z's cousin) Kate (awesome name :) ) - and they had the best time ever.

They came home so excited and happy, and they ate square pizza, went to the lake and (both kids) came home with painted fingernails (BOTH were so excited!)... Seriously, they were SO happy!

It is so freaking awesome to live close to family, and hopefully they'll be willing to babysit again for us.

Considering no one has watched the kids in 6 years, this is crazy cool!


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  1. Wow! I can't imagine never having had someone watch our kids. Have y'all been able to have a date in the past 6 years? I am really glad you have this family resource now! Definitely should be beneficial!