Wednesday, December 14, 2011

JT school update (it's long).

Well, we're closing in on two weeks of school here in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District. Crazy!

While I'm completely in love with this school district, it didn't start off so well.

Before moving here, the placement coordinator told me based on what I told him over the phone and via email, JT would be placed in a resource type setting for all academics and mainstreamed for all the other stuff - recess, specials, lunch.

So that's what I was expecting the first day of school.

When we dropped them off the first day, JT's new teacher, Mrs. G, picked him up in the office, and the secretary walked with us to take Audrey to Mrs. W's class. After dropping her off, The Hubs asked to just walk by JT's classroom so we'd know where it was.

So we walk down another hall, and the secretary says, "Here are the AU classrooms." I responded, "Okay, but where is JT's classroom?" Confused, she turned around and said, "JT IS in an AU classroom."

If you want to know what he AU program is, I posted about it here, but it comes down to a self-contained classroom that is NOT standard curriculum and kids CANNOT get a diploma if they are taught in that classroom. NOT. COOL. JT was on standard course of study/curriculum in Cary, and is so freaking smart it's crazy. There is NO reason he shouldn't be learning the standard curriculum. Obviously I have a big problem with JT being assigned to the AU program.

After Mrs. G talked to me for several minutes (and was very apologetic, although she had nothing to do with the placement), we walked to the office where the principal talked with me for several minutes. Let's just say that I was not a happy camper, and they were very aware. I was nearing tears and screaming, but managed to hold it together and get my point across very clearly.

7 minutes after I left the school, the placement coordinator was on the phone with me. Apparently he wasn't aware that JT was on standard curriculum (which is ridiculous, because if he WASN'T on standard course of study, it would be in his IEP, and he has no academic goals in his IEP because he hasn't needed them yet). He started out defensive, and I think we just realized we weren't going to agree. He closed by saying we were at a great school, and they would do great by my child. I told him his school district had already screwed my son, and that he had only been in their district 7 minutes, so I wasn't sure I was going to believe that.

Luckily, he was right about the school and the staff there. They are awesome.

They called me half way through the first day saying he didn't belong in a self-contained classroom all day. That he needed exposure to typical peers. Next day they put him in specials, lunch and recess with Mr. D's K class.

Monday, we had an IEP meeting. They want to add math into JT's time in Mr. D's class. Once he adjusts to that, then they will add in science and social studies. Last will be reading/literature. That's all that's left until he's mainstreamed. Crazy.

He's staying in the AU class as his base, but getting instruction in the other K class (so he's still diploma-eligible). If the regular K classroom learning style doesn't fit him, they'll defer to the resource room for his instruction.

But they're serious about getting JT into a mainstream environment a.s.a.p. Even though I liked our last school district, they couldn't compare to this level of commitment to get JT into a regular classroom.

I feel like our move was another step in the right direction. It seems like things happen for a reason, and I'm so glad we ended up here. I have a feeling JT is going to do some pretty amazing things here :)

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  1. Kate- your journey with your son is amazing. I find it to be very inspiring the way you are his voice, challenge him, affirm him and celebrate him. What a lucky boy he is to get you for a mommy.