Saturday, April 2, 2011

Diapers are gone!

Last night, The Hubs and I decided that this weekend is the weekend we're going to pull the diapers.

We told JT last night several times that the diapers are all gone, no diapers tomorrow.

This morning, he woke up to see for real: no more diapers.

He was NOT happy.

He ransacked every cabinet, nook and cranny. He made a big production about throwing his underwear away, then bringing me the trash can to show me.

He cried. He told me to go to the store. He isn't wearing underwear.

We're about to bribe... ahem, positively reinforce... him to go to the bathroom by taking him to Chick Fil A (playground!) if he pees in the potty.

This is going to be a long weekend, me thinks.

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