Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 1

Oh gosh.

So it started out rough.

About 10:30, he brought me a baby doll of Audrey's (luckily, not a favorite). He had peed on its head. Seriously.

Dry until about 3pm, leaked some in his undies.

Bathroom every 15 minutes, with protest.

Still asking for diapers.

9pm, he finally went pee.

Then at 9:15, we sat in there for about 15 minutes, him sitting on the potty the whole time. No protesting, I read book after book after book. He peed at least twice.

That said, he did not pee enough that I think his bladder was empty. And I know he needs to poop.

Tomorrow is a new day. And surely it gets easier.

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