Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day #2

Today we had one accident: a small one, and not intentional. He wasn't happy about it at all.

He has peed SO MANY times on the potty... BUT - we have yet to see poop. He is trying - but I think he's scared and simultaneously holding it. His underwear have marks... he needs to go. He will... hopefully he won't hold it much longer.

He went out and rode his bike today - wearing the helmet without any protest, then keeping it on to run in circles in the alley behind our house. When The Hubs was joking around and climbing on his bike (trying to entice him to ride it again), JT took off the helmet and made daddy put it on. (We ALL got a huge kick out of watching daddy ride JT's bike down the road in the cool Cars helmet... If only I would have had the camera!!!)

Praying tomorrow goes well at school, sending in lots of undies (and some Hershey kisses that we've been using to entice him to potty ;) ).

GO JT!!! He's awesome!

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