Thursday, May 24, 2012

...or not.

So, I posted recently about JT repeating Kindergarten.

Then they did assessments, and found out that JT doesn't have any academic issues that would warrant retention.

Then we had the birthday party, where I saw JT interact with his peers.

We discussed some more.

And some more.

And now our team has changed the course of action.

JT is not being retained.

Tomorrow is the day to submit retentions, and his name will not be on the list. It's for sure.

We were all torn on the decision. He may have benefited from an additional year of K. But he has peers that accept him and enjoy him, and socially while he is awkward, he has no issues with making friends or finding playmates. His academics vary from on target to advanced.

With a principal so set against retention anyway, we didn't have a chance of a 'maybe' getting approved. We would have had to have a solid case, and it's just not there.

To be honest, I'm just exhausted from trying to figure out what we'd actually be doing. It's a relief just to know something for sure.

We've got a summer reading program set up here, and we're considering hiring a tutor for a few hours a week to work with JT on reading as well.

So, JT will indeed be a first grader next year, with his sweet friends and an awesome teacher that his AU teacher gets first pick at.

Fingers crossed it goes well!

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