Monday, July 4, 2011

Questions and answers

JT is now consistently answering ALL questions with a yes/no response (HOORAY)

He answers any where questions. He answers some what questions and most who questions. These questions he answers with full sentences, not just a one-word response like he was doing.

He's also responding to any requests... such as today, I said, "JT, go play!" His response was, "Okay, mommy! I go play!"

He's reading words I didn't know he could read. Colors, 'you' (admittedly, I wrote I love you on a piece of paper and when he read it, I had him read it several more times just to hear it ;) ). He's reading so many words I didn't know he could read, though, it's awesome!

He's starting to stick up for himself, which is a BIG thing I'm trying to work on. With his desire to please, and his newfound sensitivity (being more aware after starting his meds made him really 'feel' things because it slowed him down to realize what was going on), I can see him being the target of other kids getting him to do 'bad' things or picking on him. I want him to stand up for himself and not just play along to make them happy.

Seeing some awesome things around here... LOVE it!

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