Friday, July 22, 2011

Cool kids.

Audrey has always hated jeans. Every time we pick jeans for her to wear, she throws huge fits, telling us that jeans are horrible and uncomfortable and she hates them.

This makes picking out clothes and outfits for her very difficult... so I was trying to figure out a way to encourage her to wear them in the upcoming school year. I decided peer pressure was the best way. When she brought up jeans yesterday, I decided to try my new tactic.

Audrey: Mom, do I have to wear jeans next year?
Me: You should, cool kids wear jeans.
Audrey: (thinks for a minute) But mom, I'm not a 'cool kid'. Why would you want to make me something I'm not?
Then later, I get the lecture: "Mom, my friends will like me for who I am. It's okay I'm not a cool kid."

This cracks me up. What 7 year old is set on NOT being a cool kid?

I did notice last year that she had a small circle of friends that she stuck with. These kids were all on her level academically and their interest in science and nature were aligned with hers... the 'smart' group. I just didn't realize that there was a 'cool' or 'nerdy' group in 1st grade... or that she would be dead-set on being in the smart group and NOT the 'cool kid' group.

At least we don't have to worry about her doing stupid stuff because her peers do. They can't even convince her to wear jeans :P

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