Saturday, January 22, 2011


So, Thursday morning, after I posted the last entry, I woke up feeling much better. Yay!

Thursday afternoon, I went to pick up JT from school. I get him pretty early, so all the kiddos are still there. They were playing outside, and JT was running around.

JT got upset because he couldn't go down the slide upside-down and backwards (he's a super daredevil), and he was getting agitated.

Before I knew it, he had his mouth wrapped around another kid's hand! Thank GOD he didn't chomp down, but the sweet little guy was SO sad that his friend even thought about biting him :(

His teacher then said she didn't know what got into him, because he hasn't bitten in forever. He's just been slapping the little girl in the class!


Later that night, we asked JT, "JT, are you nice to your friends, or mean to your friends?" In his sweet little voice, JT replied, "JTmy mean to brends." HUH? When we asked if he could be nice, he just repeated himself slowly like we were stupid and not getting it.


The next morning, his teacher said he's not a crazed bully or constantly slapping people, so it wasn't near as bad as I was thinking. She laughed and said it's actually typical behavior - typical as in really typical and not 'autism typical'. Horrible behavior that's typical... so are you supposed to be excited or mortified?

Anyway, the stinker insists that he's 'mean', but then if you ask if he likes his friends, he says he does. I think he might be generalizing 'I'm mean sometimes, so I'm mean.'

I hope we can stop it soon, anyway. I'm not a fan of the mean!

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  1. LOL, I love that he claims he's a meanie! At least the kid is honest. Don't worry, Kate, it's just a phase that will pass. :)