Monday, January 17, 2011

Full Moon.

So, the full moon is coming up in 2 days.

How did I know, you ask? Because, my kids have gone absolutely crazy.

It started on the 12th, with JT becoming a super stimmy kid - doing things that he hasn't done in over 3 years - head shaking, crazy stimming. Audrey has been an emotional basketcase - just so easy to upset and so hard to calm down.

This month, though, the full moon crazy has brought some awesomeness!

JT is eating! Real food!

A month ago, he was down to popcorn. That's it. He drank chocolate milk, and I'd sneak the multivitamin infant drops into the chocolate milk (and mix in 1/2 a bottle of Ensure when I could get away with it).

In the last 3 days, he has started eating almost all of his favorites again!
Chicken nuggets.
Hot dogs.
Cheez Its.

To a 'regular' parent, this list would probably bring reactions such as "You let your kid eat THAT?!?!?!' To the parent of a sensory-crazed, beyond picky eater, this brings tears to my eyes - tears of sheer joy and happiness. My baby is eating!!!

There are few things that a full moon is good for. Filling up emergency rooms, inducing labor, and making people crazy (the term 'lunatic' is related to the moon) aren't exactly 'good'. But if it's going to make my kid hyperactive (beyond his normal extreme) - I'll take it if it comes with this benefit!

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