Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Behavioral regression :(

Those are our deal around here.

JT always takes a step back behaviorally before he jumps somewhere else... cognitive, social or language.

I thought it was the full moon making him crazy, but apparently the moon had nothing to do with it. He was starting the slide.

Biting. Hitting. Slapping. Throwing his (beloved, may I add) cat. Screeching (earning his bittysaur title). These are things he always reverts back to when we go here. Always. Since he was 2, these are the token regressions.

He's not even always angry - just so easy to anger. And once he's mad, it's so hard to get him calmed down.

Hoping JT can pick up whatever skill he's figuring out quickly and move on. He was better yesterday (*knock on wood*), so I'm reeeeally hoping this is the upswing.

Not to mention if he starts picking up too many skills he's going to be smarter than me :)

At least there's always an upside to the downside! Ready for the positive side of this...

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