Monday, March 29, 2010

Go, Buddy!

JT is singing more... Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes is his new song. He does the hand motions, and just last night he pinned Audrey on the floor and sang it while touching her 'head, shoulders, knees and toes'. They both thought it was hilarious! He imitates the songs that Audrey makes up, and loves a book we have that is songs. He sings them later :)

My personal favorite song right now is 'Peepee in the potty'. I'm hoping he starts doing THOSE actions as well!

He's talking a ton - mostly asking for 'popsicle' and 'pudding'. It is so cute!

He also shows us what he wants. He kept asking for pudding, and when I didn't get it (we ran out!) he got a spoon and pretended to eat while telling me 'pudding'. (The Hubs bought some on the way home!). He got the chicken nuggets out of the fridge last night and brought them to me, saying 'chick' (-en).

He tells us 'happy' and 'sad' appropriately. Last night he was 'sad', then he snuggled up with me and after a minute, he said 'happy'. SO cute!

Saturday, he was sitting on my lap, and he said 'booboo'. Since he was sitting on me, I knew he hadn't just hurt himself, but he was pointing at his foot and trying to show me, so I looked. Sure enough, he had a splinter that must have been there about a day, because it was getting red. It was big enough that I just popped it out by pushing. He squeaked while I was getting it out, but right after I let go, he pushed on it and noticed that it wasn't painful. He started giggling, imitated what I did, and (in a very strained voice, haha) said 'PPPUUUUSSSSHHH'. I think he was glad to have that (big, bad) sucker out!

Lots of cool stuff!

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