Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cool Stuff...

Happy update time :)

JT is talking. A LOT. He's asking for things he wants (mostly milk and popcorn, haha). But doing SO well. He's socializing with other kids at school. Pulling his mat up to play with them and really having fun! He's riding his scooter. Big deal!

Audrey is reading!!! She read us two books last night. She's tying her shoes! She knows more Spanish than I can keep up with... I really need to get moving on learning to speak Spanish. I have no clue what's she's saying/singing. She's good at math. She's AMAZING at art. She wants to take swim lessons, and we've agreed to let her join a swim team if she's good enough. If not, we'll just continue lessons until fall when she can join that season. We may do dance as well this fall... we've been holding out because of her listening 'issues', but she got the memo finally and is toning it down when it's not appropriate.

The Hubs
His store is doing well. He's doing well. He did break his toe (he ran into a wall...), but it hurts him less and less each day (unless he does what he did last night, which is jump over the couch and stub it).

Surgery in 4 days... 3 months of recovery. Writing is going really well. Started studying for the GRE... still planning to go back to school to get my Master's in Special Education (in the fall of 2011). Want plenty of time to get scholarships...

There you have it... Duzan family updates!

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