Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Audrey really has earned the reputation as the sweetheart at school. All the moms tell me when they visit that she is always such a precious little girl.

Apparently one day another kid was really upset, and Audrey went to hug them. Her teacher said "Everyone needs a Audrey in their class"...

Her best friend is Mercer. He is a super cute little boy in her class. When I went to help last week, Mercer's mom was also there... they both talked us into staying for lunch. They sat in between us, and they turned around maybe once to say hi. The rest of the time they were facing each other (not even facing the table!) and laughing and giggling. It was REALLY cute!

Anyway, we're hoping to hang out with them - especially over Christmas break. I'm not sure Audrey can take two whole weeks with no Mercer!

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