Saturday, December 5, 2009


So cool...

Yesterday, The Hubs and I were in the kitchen making dinner.

Without us noticing, JT brought one of our little kiddie stools into the kitchen. I have a heart ornament (or rather, HAD a heart ornament) hanging on the knob of one of our cabinets.

I heard something, so I looked behind me to see JT standing on the little stool, arm reached as far as it could go towards the heart, and he was saying "haw" (still no last consonant, but very clearly heart). Of course, using words, JT got his "haw" and he has enhanced the living room/dining room Feng shui with the heart dangling from a knob on the curio cabinet!

He's been talking a TON here at home... when he takes a bath, he is just constantly talking. I can understand a lot (I LOVE "oh doh" aka oh no, and "uhoh".. he says "whee"). Today he was in the bath, and he said "peepee pawee" (peepee potty). I tried to take him, he didn't protest but didn't pee either :-/

JT is also high-maintenance all of a sudden... this is definitely not a complaint! He used to play alone forever... I'd have to go check on him and intrude to get his attention. Now he'll play for a little while (not very long, haha) and come and find me and hover until I get up and play with him. Great progress - he wants to play with me - but it definitely limits my ability to actually WORK while he's here... oh the price of progress :-)

He plays a lot with airplanes - really makes them fly (sound effects and all!). Love pretend play - especially when they fly around the living room and crash into something! He also makes his 'guy' (he says that word! Too funny - I kept saying go get your guy - so now all G.I.Joe stuff is "guy") slide down the banister complete with the 'wheeeeeee'. He's really into countdowns and blastoff too... 5-4-3-2-1-BLASTOFF!!! Making toys blastoff, making him blastoff.. then as it comes down, he does the sound effect and as it lands, says "OWWWW". Cracks me up!

All in all, JT is continuing his awesome development.

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