Saturday, October 31, 2009

What I Like

I love Beezy. She's beautiful and she has a pink nose. And she's the prettiest cat in the whole world.

My teacher's name is Mrs. Lawson. My other teacher's is Mrs. Tew. My teachers are the best teachers in the whole world. And they're beautiful. I love going to school.

I like school because I get to go outside and play with Mercer. My best friend is Cala. I like to play with Mercer, Cala, Myzaiah, Tommy and Lilly.

I played Alvin and the Chipmunks with Tommy one time.

Monet is my friend, too.

I sit with my friends Brodey, Ava J., Myzaiah, Carson at my work table.

I have special classes like P.E., music and art. I also have spanish. My favorite is art class.

My favorite time of the day is playing outside. I don't really like quiet time.

My favorite class job is line leader. The line leader stands at the front of the line and leads the others when we go somewhere.

I like to draw my homework. Sometimes I have to try more than once to get it right.

At home I love to draw pictures.

I got a new nightlight sea turtle. It glows at night. It makes stars and a moon on the ceiling (mom's note: it's a twilight sea turtle). It also lets you light up animals.

I love you,

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