Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm going to start updating this a lot with new skills... Since JT
is doing new stuff every day, it may end up being a lot of posts. This
is more for me - I like the idea of being able to look back and see
what's going on...

Sat/Sun 10.17-10.18
Got boots on himself, played outside. Came back in after a while, took
boots off and put tennis shoes on. No assistance. Took coat off
(unzipped part way, pulled over head) w no help.

Monday 10.19
-While running to the bus stop, JT yelled "stop!". When I stopped
with him, he giggled... He continued this game until we got to the bus
stop. Initiated/enjoyed game. Using words to tell me something/get
what he wanted.
-JT helped make brownies. 1st time he's had an interest in helping
cook! He added the water & oil, and helped ceecee stir. (He also ate
the brownies!)

Tuesday 10.20
-Grabbed Audrey's hand, played with her while holding hands.
-Played duck, duck, goose- not the running around, just the touching
the head & calling out duck or goose! Played that part correctly w
mommy, daddy & Audrey (ceecee).
-At Monkey Joe's, found mommy, pulled her hand to help get on a bouncy
thing. Just wanted help, perfectly capable of doing it himself :-)
Kept doing it, and then pulled mommy INTO the bouncy. Held hand until
the end of the slide/obstacle course. Saw mommy had no socks on, took
his off to match.

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