Friday, January 11, 2013

What he is.

There has been a lot going on in the autism community since the Newtown tragedy.

The best response I have seen is Autism Shines. If you have a chance, go scroll through the pictures and read about these wonderful kiddos (and some adults!). They are truly amazing.

It has me thinking... I know my son ISN'T a monster like the Sandy Hook shooter.

What is he?

He is an amazing brother. He loves his sister with all his heart, and if she gets upset, he gives anything to make her happy. Yes, they fight, but when push comes to shove he gives up his position to stop her from being upset.

He is the best son ever. He will ask me what's wrong if I look anything but happy. He cries when he gets in the least bit of trouble (and he is RARELY in trouble, he tries SO hard to be good). He is the first to apologize when he does wrong, and wants reassurance that 'Is okay?'

He is a good friend. When his best friend comes over, he only eats a snack if he can have 3 - one for him, one for his sister, and one for the guest. He gets excited when this makes him happy.

He loves his cat. They sleep together every night. He gives up his pillow for his kitty every single night and goes without.

He loves math, and is good without being able to explain his answers. He just knows.

He unapologetically loves pink. And unicorns. And poodles. (By the way, I've been learning some awesome things about autism since my rather depressing post here. I have more updates about that, but let's just say this is my favorite thing about autism right now :) ).

He is obsessed with beanie baby boos and Sonic the Hedgehog.

He loves the xBox.

He loves going places.

He misses his grandparents terribly, and gets excited about their next visit.

He is him. He says he likes his autism. And for that reason, *I* like it. Because it is him.

Lastly, he makes me a better person. I'm sure he has that effect on many people, but he has changed my life immensely. He has shown me what I want to be, who I want to be, and refocused my priorities just by being himself.

He is ours. Mine. He is him. He is my soul. 

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  1. Kate, he is gorgeous. Lucky lucky you. I also love Autism Shines. :)