Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I wrote this post yesterday, and scheduled it to post for this morning. 

Today is my birthday - I'm officially 32!

It's my best birthday ever. EVER.

I am on my way to doing what I am meant to do in life, and I am doing fantastic at it and loving (almost ;) ) every second of it. It is challenging material, it is challenging to fit into an already busy life, and it is challenging to manage my time to get it all right. But I'm doing it - and well!

My daughter loves school, and is learning stuff that is crazy for 3rd grade... and her latest progress report shows she has a 97% average. She was SO worried about this year, telling us maybe she didn't want to do TD... but she LOVES it. Her teacher is fabulous, and she is thriving.

JT (despite recent setbacks) is doing amazing overall. He is learning, he is succeeding socially, and has a great doctor and academic setup overall.

The Hubs's store is doing amazing. He is so great at his job, it's not surprising. But awesome that he is doing so well!

I love my husband.

For my birthday, I got a new car. So, technically it's in my name, and we had to get a new car, but the timing of getting the most awesome car ever was perfect. Then he also got me a Keurig. If you know how much I love coffee, you will appreciate how freaking awesome this is. I am the only one who drinks it, so I end up tossing a lot of coffee down the drain. No more! HOORAY!!!

I seriously cannot ask for any more for my birthday.

Amazing the difference a day can make.

My facebook post from yesterday afternoon sums it all up:

Worst day of my life. Got a call from the school today. JT told his teacher, "I hate myself." Before she could get past, "What?!" He added, "I want to kill myself." The school counselor talked to him and determined he was serious and knew what he was saying. He is 6 years old. 6. Years. Old.

His psychiatrist has us watching him for any additional talk of killing himself/dying tonight, which means trip to ER. He's calling tomorrow morning with further instructions. I have asked the school to involve the psychologist on staff (the counselor is already on it, she is obligated to respond to suicide threats).
So here's the deal. I now have a Kia Soul, a Keurig and a suicidal son. 

I'd give up every material possession I have ever had to make my son okay. EVERY. DAMN. THING. 

So truth? 

32 can only get better from here.  


  1. I am sorry your son is in this place. My six year old is homicidal instead of suicidal. Mental illness in children sucks.

  2. Yikes! I'm so sorry. That must be incredibly scary for you. My birthday wish for you is that you can help your son to get out of this dark place. (((HUGS)))