Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer vacation is here!

The last day of school was last Friday, so we are out for the summer!

I'm working all summer at a local camp, and the kids are going, too...

So far, things are going well. JT had a rough patch today, but otherwise has been an absolute angel. It helps that I'm there so if he's too upset, he can come hang out with me and my preschoolers (who, by the way, are so.adorable.).

Both kids are in the half day camp for big kids (1-5 grades). Their teacher is awesome (as a teacher and a friend!) - and JT ADORES her. That makes things much easier for me!

For an 'awww!' moment... Today Audrey came home and told me that her best friend had confided "that she like likes JT and she thinks he's cute." (I may be slightly biased, but I'm pretty sure he's the cutest little guy ever ;) She has good taste!).

The other campers watch out for JT and were all concerned and trying to help him today when he was just overwhelmed and done. Apparently it was the sweetest thing ever. They all just wanted him to feel better.

We're meeting our buddies at the pool this Saturday to hang out, we're reading all kinds of books (got to work on that reading with both kids). In fact, in a hugely proud mommy moment, Audrey has started the Harry Potter series. I hope she loves it as much as I did (okay... do).

That's about it for now. Fun, sun, craziness, and getting to sleep in 15 minutes later!

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