Thursday, January 19, 2012

CMS, Blythe and our 'team'.

Three of the most awesome things in my life right now.


Our last school district, JT was in a self-contained classroom, with mainstreaming in circle time.

Right before we moved (3.5 months into the school year) they suggested that JT would do well in specials with the general ed class (PE, art, music).

So that's all we had when we came here. About an hour a day of mainstreaming.

So when we got here, they immediately followed his IEP. Mainstreaming for circle and specials. Then called, said he needed more (they called ME, crazy awesome!).

So within a few weeks, JT was also mainstreamed for lunch and recess as well as specials and circle.

Then a week before Christmas break, they called an IEP and said, he needs more. So off to math he went with the general ed class.

Then Tuesday, we met again. Again, they said more. So now he's mainstreamed for social studies/science.

In fact, the ONLY thing he's NOT mainstreamed for is reading/language arts. And the way they were talking, it sounds like that's coming soon, too.

He's doing fantastic. No aide. Some extra attention from some fabulous teachers and class aides, and some added patience from everyone. But you can tell they all truly like JT, and want him to succeed.

I give CMS an A+.

Seriously, this is a dream come true.