Friday, November 11, 2011


Yet again, the Duzan fam is moving!

A few weeks ago, I got a note from Audrey's teacher about how she was getting 100 percent (or higher) on all her benchmarks, yet for the first time EVER, her scores on schoolwork were dropping - all from simple errors. She has also been super emotional at home, especially on weekends The Hubs comes. Then, JT's been having issues with panic attacks at school (hyperventilating and having to do breathing exercises), he's getting a little more trigger-happy with the moodiness.

I decided we needed to try to get back together as a family as soon as possible, since being apart was obviously having a pretty negative effect on the kids.

And... My boss agreed to a transfer, so we're all clear! I have to get in touch with store managers in the area so that I can get my transfer.

The Hubs found us a house in Huntersville that's REALLY cute.

I got in touch with the new school district, and with JT's recent changes in his IEP (did I mention he's now in circle/literacy time, library, art, music and PE with the general education classes, with his ONLY accommodation being sitting in close proximity to the teacher/materials? Yeah, that's my boy!), the coordinator we'll be going through said he would be recommending placement in their resource-type program AT HIS BASE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means my kids will be going to the same school, and JT will be mostly mainstreamed :) I don't need to even explain how happy that makes me (and let me tell you how excited Miss Audrey is that she can walk her brother to class!).

So, all that to say, we're going to be residents of Huntersville as of December 1.

A big, scary change, but we're hoping for the best :)

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