Saturday, June 25, 2011

So thankful...

My little man is doing awesome things. Just astounding things. Some of this is because of the meds helping him to calm down, and he's finally enjoying the world around him. Some of it is because he loves being out of school (weird, I know, he digs not having a structured school day) and he's learning so much from Audrey.

I've already posted about his huge gains lately on his blog, so I won't re-do the entire list here. What I will say is that this progress is making us, as a family, so happy.

We can do things now. We were trapped here by autism last summer. JT couldn't handle going anywhere. He would run off in stores, scream, hit - you get the picture. This summer he *asks* to go places. He wants to see people. He is SO good - staying with me, doing what I ask - it is unbelievable that we really don't stick out at the grocery store. In fact, the only way we DO stick out is he listens to me and does exactly what I say - and the typical kids are usually the wild ones! Kinda funny :)

We can play games - JT is a really big fan of Candyland now. He gets it, he loves playing it, and other than the annoyance of waiting his turn, he is enamored with playing games with all of us.

Our house isn't a complete wreck. Sounds funny, but this year he wants to play with US. He's not digging out every toy and tossing them around. He plays with a toy, then comes and gets us to play with him.

The best part is his mood. No meltdowns. None since starting the risperdal. He's so happy. The happy that comes with the adorable humming that signals bliss. He giggles all the time.

He tells us stuff. Feelings. Needs. Best part is just random stuff. I'm discovering he has an astounding memory - I'll ask (myself, out loud) where something is... he'll respond (he listens to EVERYTHING) with exactly where it is.

I cannot describe how many ways this has helped us all. Knowing he's happy. Knowing everything about him. Being able to relax - both at home and out. Being able to go out period without worrying about any behavioral issues or something else.

He is freaking hilarious. He has always been so funny and had the best sense of humor - but the more he talks the more hysterical it gets. We are almost always laughing at his practical jokes or funny something... He is so proud to make us laugh, too.

He's sweet. Snuggly, up close sweet. NEVER seen this at this level before. It makes my heart jump up in my throat when he climbs on me to snuggle or grabs his sister's hand just to hold it when we're out. Precious.

We still have stuff to work on. But it is SO much easier to be able to pick what you work on than to have a billion things on the 'crisis' list.

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  1. So wonderfully exciting! It's great that so much is going better for you guys. It really does mean a lot after feeling "trapped" for a while. I love when amazing things come after adjusting to hard stuff.

    Makes it so much more sweet.