Saturday, November 27, 2010

Potty training... for real.

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So, Monday is P-Day for JT. As in potty day. JT's teacher asked if we could start the 'end of diapers' that day.

Well, in the past few weeks JT has definitely made some giant steps toward realizing our goal :) Week before last he finally pooped in the potty for the first time! He's been peeing in the potty at home a ton, and it's pretty standard now that he doesn't need a diaper in the afternoons (all the way from early afternoon to bedtime!). Then, last Saturday, we walked in the bathroom to find JT on the potty, by himself, peeing. Yesterday we walked in and he was in there alone again, sitting on the potty, and had peed AND pooped!

Exciting things... could it be the end of the diaper/pullup tunnel I see??? I've been buying diapers since June of 2004 (the month before Audrey was born), so it would be nice to not feel like I need to buy stock in diaper companies anymore...

GO JT!!!!

And this is oh-so-true:

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