Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

JT had fun this year Trick or Treating (huge difference from last year!).

He woke up Sunday morning saying "go byebye" and "go twi o twee". We told him we had to wait on the moon, and all day he would look outside for the moon. It was really cute!

He said "Twi o Twee" (cute!) at every door, and included a "Thank you" after they dropped goodies in his bag.

He wanted to go to the mall, so we went... and he did great this year (last year was an absolute disaster). Then last night, we went in our neighborhood, where he lasted 45 minutes before telling me he wanted to "go home".

The cutest moment of the night was at an elderly woman's house in our neighborhood. She took a while to get to the door, and JT was standing on her front steps saying, "I SO EXCITED!" over and over (The Hubs and I were waiting at the curb). Audrey was giggling saying, "Me, too!!!" every time. So stinkin cute!

Here's my super cute triceratops:

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