Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday I went in and ate lunch with Audrey at her school. This is always a fun experience - those kids are hilarious!

They happened to be buzzing with excitement about the predicted snow today and tomorrow. When they lined up to walk back to the classroom that's all the entire class was talking about. Audrey was at the front of the line - her job this week is 'line leader' - so she's always first.

I should add that since we've moved here, they've predicted big snow twice and been completely wrong. One time we got flurries for one hour (nothing even got close to sticking) and the other time *nothing*.

So, as they're all talking about the snow excitedly, Audrey turns around and says, "It's not gonna snow. They're always wrong. There won't be any."

All the kids got quiet, and the teacher cracked up. She said, "I think you're right Audrey. There probably won't be any snow." (No adult has faith in the meteorologists here).

All the kids looked crushed except Audrey. She is such a little grown up... Most kids would be screaming (and were screaming, LOL) - "It's going to SNOW!" But not Miss Audrey.

Always a realist...

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