Saturday, September 1, 2012

Week 1 of Back to School - SUCCESS


Week 1 of the kids' school is done, and we are settling into our routine. We have martial arts 2 nights (for Audrey, JT is trying for 2 weeks to see if he'll do well in the class), Audrey has gymnastics 1 night, and I have class 2 nights.

In a news flash, grad school is really freaking hard. I LOVE it, and the material is awesome. But it is very difficult.

I start work in the pre-k class next week, and I am SUPER excited. We seriously have the cutest, sweetest kids ever in there. It will be a fun year!

Audrey loves gymnastics. She is really good at it. At her class last week, The Hubs sent me a text that said, "We should have never dropped gymnastics for her. She's good at this." She had a BLAST, too.
She ROCKS at martial arts. The guy doing their new student evaluations asked if she'd been trained somewhere else. She was really THAT good. I was super proud.

JT is a crazy hilarious kid. At their new student eval he preferred to take the craziest approach possible to hit a pad. However, the majority of the time he did listen and try to comply. I think he will do exponentially better in a group class when other kids are all performing the same things. I made the call to put JT in the 3-5 year old class (instead of the 6-8 year old). He acts more like the lower age group, and when I asked insisted he wanted to be in the little kid class. It will help him because he won't feel out of place (believe it or not) and

the instructors will be accustomed to his behavior in the lower age range classes, too. He's not out of control, just immature.

Hopefully it works out, if not, it wasn't mean to be... we'll just find something else JT would like to do. We did find something else Audrey LOVES in the process (you have never seen a kid hit a pad with so much enthusiasm as she did I promise you), and something that will help with her self-confidence for sure.

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