Saturday, October 1, 2011

Onward and Upward.

A week ago today, The Hubs got a surprise. A BIG surprise.

He was promoted.

The Hubs is now the store manager at Northlake Mall in Charlotte.

He had been in Charlotte to talk to the DM on Monday, and LOVED it. The store, the mall, the area...

I was not so excited. Excited for him, but not so excited for me.

I have a job. That I LOVE. Just got it... after waiting years to go for it. AWESOME people, great manager... seriously, the perfect job.

And Starbucks policy is you can transfer... only after you've been there for 6 months.

So, I'm staying here in Raleigh with the kiddos until my 6 month (March 13), and The Hubs is moving to Charlotte.

The Hubs will be back every Saturday night and all day Sunday to take care of the kids since my work availability includes 'all day Sunday'.

The Hubs's first day was Tuesday. He is really excited about this new store and his new job. He's going to do awesome things there, I know.

We already miss him, but have a countdown to his next day home (yay Saturday nights!) and have a 'party' planned with all his favorite foods and things.

I'm balancing a job and kids - now I know how single moms feel. I am very, very thankful for my job dealing with my reduced availability, and we're getting all caught up on flu shots because we certainly can't afford to be sick this winter!

There are so many positives in this situation... I am deciding to look to those rather than the downfalls (because God knows you'd rather have your husband around than not!). In the long run, this is so good for our family.

This is the beginning of an all new journey for our family - wish us luck!

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