Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today JT had his meet the teacher.

He seemed to really enjoy his time in the classroom, although he wasn't really as engaged as he usually is (he seemed a little overwhelmed, not really responding to requests/questions as quickly as he usually does). He did say "I scared" a few times, I think it was just a lot to take in.

I think it will be a great year. He liked his classroom. His teacher seems excited about the new school year and working with Mr. JT. His OT and ST were really excited, too. His little classmates are SO CUTE.

I am a little nervous about the change; going to Kindergarten is a big deal, and we're changing schools after being somewhere for 2 years.

JT asked for his favorite aid from prek today several times (Miss Lisa, if you are reading this, he almost cried because he realized he would not be at your school - he wanted to come see you and begged as we were leaving Reedy Creek today). He said he 'miss Michele' - his teacher from last year.

I am hopeful that he will adjust quickly to his new school and team, and that they will get to see the fun, smart JT that everyone else has fallen in love with.

School starts Thursday...

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