Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sweet JT

Today we went fishing and to the park in our neighborhood with our friends. Mom, dad, Audrey's best friend and his little sister (3).

At one point, Audrey, her friend and his little sister were playing soccer, and JT decided to play with them. He sort of followed Audrey's friend around... even running with him to get the ball when it went in the trees :)

Perhaps the sweetest thing I've ever seen was when Audrey's buddy's little sister was sitting down on a step by herself. She was away from everyone else, and she had just proclaimed to her mommy, "I have no one to play with!" JT was following Audrey and her friend, but he saw her sitting by herself. And he went down the hill, sat right beside her and looked at her little face. And smiled. It was absolutely precious.

JT's talking surprises me a lot - I could have NEVER dreamed of the progress he's making there! But I think that this was a bigger surprise. He wanted to make her feel better... such a sweet boy.

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