Friday, August 20, 2010

All kinds of surprises...

JT is busy talking away. He talks SO much that sometimes I forget that not long ago, he didn't talk at all.

Some new and interesting developments...
JT is scared of monsters. Really scared of them. In fact, if Audrey (or anyone else) mentions a monster somewhere, it's enough to send him screaming. Sometimes he'll come get me, upset, and tell me 'it's a monster' and point (usually upstairs or in my walk-in closet).
He's drawing moons. Like, really trying to draw, and really drawing them. And 'happy' - happy faces.
He tells me what he wants when he wants it. I never thought I'd see the day when I wouldn't have to guess what he wanted in some sort of mad dash - but it's true. He is very certain about what he wants, and tells me exactly what it is. Using words. Amazing.
He holds my hands when we go places. When he lets go, he doesn't run away. Have no clue when this happened, but it's fantastic. He may go a few steps ahead, but he also stops when I tell him to. Crazy!
He knows all his letters and the sounds.
He can spell and make words. So far, using The Hubs's iPhone and a letter game (where you just drag and drop whatever letter you want) he has spelled STOP (he always proudly says, "A SIGN!" haha), POP, POPOP (papa is his grandpa's name :) ), MAD, JET and CAT. In fact, he got his alphabet blocks C A and T, and a toy cat, and carried them around last week. Pretty cool! We have no idea what else he can spell, but he can sound ANYTHING out. I love it!
He loves 'mine' and 'yours'. Everything is 'mine' or 'yours'. If it's 'yours', he will hand it to you. Cute.
He misses his grandparents. Sort of sad, but when we go to the grocery store and we see someone that remotely resembles my mom (nanny), my dad (papa) or stepmom (ginny) he will yell out "It's nanny/papa/ninny (ginny)". It's precious and heartbreaking to have to tell him it's not them.
He's talking on the phone (with my dad). Super funny.

I'll have to update more later. I'm just making a list of my favorite 'new' things in JT-land.

School starts in less than 2 weeks - I am SO excited for his teachers to see all the cool new things he's learning!

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