Friday, June 11, 2010

JT's IEP Progress

We got JT's IEP (individualized education plan... special education 'list of things your child will accomplish' - legal stuff on progress) in his backpack yesterday...

Here's the short version: JT is going to meet all his goals by the year mark (which will be 10/29).

Here are some of the notes on his progress...

JT will increase overall communication skills.
-JT has shown growth in vocabulary, following directions, identifying pictures and using manipulatives to retell a story. We hear a few 2-4 word phrases at school, mostly when the other children have left for the day and the room is quiet.

JT will demonstrate improved social skills.
-JT continues to make great progress in his social interactions. He seeks out peers and adults to engage in interactions. He loves to play tickle games and chase games and shows the ability to take turns in these games. He is playing with toys in proper manner. He is able to use representational objects in his play. He is able to retell stories with objects!

JT will increase his ability to follow the classroom routines and rules.
-JT is transitioning wonderfully between activities. He is able to utilize his picture schedule. He is able to put up his schedule for the next day, at the end of the day, in the right sequence. He is participating in circle time. His attention span for morning circle is much shorter than literacy circle. He LOVES books. We are working hard on following the rules, keeping our feet on the floor, and our hands to ourselves.

JT will increase his self help skills in his preschool classroom.
-JT is doing well with washing his hands now. He needs only verbal cues, most of the time. We are still working on drying his hands. He is making great gains in the potty training area. Hooray!
**I should note here that JT is, indeed, potty training, and goes whenever you ask him.

JT will increase his early learning skills.
-JT's skills continue to increase in this area. We are thrilled with his progress with "school tools".

Teacher Comments:
JT continues to make us proud in all that he accomplishes at school. He is truly a delight to teach!

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